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Hi there,

For my first ever
Bloggy Giveaway i want to offer you a handcrafted mask, venetian style. Its made of papiermachie and is covered with fur...noooooooo not real one ofcourse. ;) You can use it as it is or you can hang it on the wall as decoration. I will also put a little something something in the package...a swedish candy treat for the winner. You are all welcome to participate in the drawing for this price, just leave a comment with your name and how i can contact you, a blog url or your email adress. I will draw the winner on sunday and hope there will be many participants for this contest. :)

Since im from Sweden i have a swedish blogg, so i have made a itsy bitsy dictionary for your convenience:

Kommentarer = comments
Namn = Name
Epost adress = Email

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Postat av: Angela

That looks absolutely beautiful! I've wanted to start collecting masks and this would be the perfect first mask!


2009-01-27 @ 19:50:04
Postat av: Kimberly F

I think your masks are really neat. I love the colors. I would love to hang one in my daughters room. Thanks for the giveaway:):):)

2009-01-27 @ 19:53:02
Postat av: Teija

Oh, that cat one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pass out

Postat av: AmandaK

That is extremely GORGEOUS!!!


2009-01-27 @ 21:02:25
Postat av: Anonym


2009-01-27 @ 21:20:48
Postat av: Summer

Very cool!

2009-01-28 @ 16:52:08
Postat av: Jenny

Thanks for posting. How cool! A new blog in Sweden!

2009-01-28 @ 18:59:17
Postat av: Diana Dang

Lovely! I would love them!

2009-01-28 @ 19:25:29
Postat av: hetal g

looks wonderful.thanks

2009-01-28 @ 19:45:28
Postat av: Miriam

(pardon the pun) but these are purrfect!

2009-01-28 @ 23:48:13
Postat av: Cathy W.

Those masks are awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

2009-01-29 @ 02:04:26
Postat av: MRS.MOMMYY

very pretty

2009-01-29 @ 02:47:01
Postat av: Mrs. Cox

That is so cute! You are quite talented :) This mask would be equally wonderful for pretend play/dress up, and for fancy parties alike.

Thanks for the chance to win :)

2009-01-29 @ 03:17:37
Postat av: Cori Westphal

Beautiful. Thanks!

2009-01-29 @ 06:10:44
Postat av: DEBIJOT

You, my dear, are very creative! This is beautiful. Thank you.

2009-01-29 @ 11:56:28
Postat av: Jennifer Barr

very beautiful! would love to win it!!! :)

2009-01-29 @ 12:23:45
Postat av: ikkinlala

I'd love to enter your giveaway!

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

2009-01-29 @ 15:58:27
Postat av: A Casson

I'm very interested in this as Art is my forte`

Thank you kindly! skyxsky27(at)

2009-01-29 @ 19:55:19
Postat av: Susan K

Hej! Min dotter var född och växte upp i Sverige, tills hon fyllde 9 år när vi flyttade till Kanada.

Vad glad hon skulle bli om jag vann- särskilt om du skickade in svensk hälsning med!

Vad kul att ha hittat dig i bloggycarnival!

2009-01-29 @ 20:05:52
Postat av: Anonym

Ps - you might want to add "skicka = send" to your little dictionary up top :)

2009-01-29 @ 20:07:23
Postat av: Jingle

This is beautiful! I really like it!

jinglesells at gmail dot com

2009-01-30 @ 00:17:45
Postat av: Lisa

Please pick me. Thanks!

2009-01-30 @ 01:48:38
Postat av: Hilary

Wow how neat! I've never seen one of these before.

2009-01-30 @ 01:58:45
Postat av: Angela

that is lovely, you are very good at making lovely things


2009-01-30 @ 02:37:38
Postat av: Valerie

lovely mask :-)

2009-01-30 @ 03:18:46
Postat av: Arandur

Hoppas du får en härlig Fredag :)

Kolla gärna in min fotoblogg.

Var gärna med i foto utmaningen.

2009-01-30 @ 03:25:25
Postat av: Becca

What a great prize, thanks!!!

2009-01-30 @ 06:40:52
Postat av: Elsie

What a lovely giveaway! It reminds me of our soon-to-be "Mardi Gras" in the USA.....I teach children about masks and this is a very sweet one. Do you have many masked events in Sweden? So interesting, hope to hear from you sometime!

2009-01-30 @ 15:21:15
Postat av: Wendy Wallach

It is great that you are willing to send this to another country. Enter me.

madamerkf at aol dot com

2009-01-30 @ 18:19:51
Postat av: ryann

very pretty~

2009-01-30 @ 19:20:08
Postat av: Stacie

So pretty!!

2009-01-30 @ 19:48:23
Postat av: Diana

such a pretty mask, reminds me of my white cat I grew up with. thanks!

2009-01-30 @ 20:02:42
Postat av: Noreen

so beautiful

2009-01-30 @ 22:37:18
Postat av: Katrina

That is so pretty! I would love it. :)


Postat av: Aila D.

I love it thanks!

2009-01-31 @ 03:31:31
Postat av: katie klein

I would love to win. katers2714 at yahoo dot com.

2009-01-31 @ 04:54:03
Postat av: Beth

All of my ancestors came from Sweden in the late 1800's. The mask is beautiful.

2009-01-31 @ 06:38:55
Postat av: Nancy

These are beautiful pieces of art! You did a wonderful job and are very talented. Thank you for the nice giveaway!

2009-01-31 @ 06:45:51
Postat av: tara

What a lovely mask! I would love to win one to hang in my room.

Thank you


2009-01-31 @ 06:53:08
Postat av: ash

All things Sweedish are mush better than the USA.

2009-01-31 @ 09:24:32
Postat av: Wanda

We have a collection of masks hanging on the wall of my granddaughter's bedroom. Most of them are Mardi-Gras or theater-related, and there is absolutely NOTHING like your masks there! They are so beautiful and unique! I would love to win your mask! Thank you so much for offering this prize.


2009-01-31 @ 19:09:55
Postat av: Sandra Karlsson

Tycker mycket om det du skrivit! Underhållande att se en del prima grejer och inte bara det generella sakerna som man kan se om varenda dag. ;)

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